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About Admirelt

AdmireIt was an idea brought to life enabling users with the same interests to communicate, resulting in learning more about what you already love. The application has many features that allow you to communicate such as, commenting, liking, admiring and re-admiring posts. AdmireIt’s star-rating scores show you the most important people talking about any of your keywords. Not only words that can be posted but also images and videos can be uploaded.

Key Features

Spark meaningful discussions


View or Record

Never miss a notification; AdmireIt keeps you updated by sending push notifications when you are not on the application, keeping you visible.


Keeps You Updated

View or record your daily progress with the ability to export to any email, message or calendar.


Graphical Reports

Track and analyse your performance. AdmireIt allows you to keep up to date or even look back at your progress or even your child’s progress by viewing the graphical representation of your progress.



With AdmireIt’s ability to monitor many facets (categories), you won’t miss anything being said about what’s important to you and since AdmireIt are in real time, you will be able to reply right away within AdmireIt.


User Posts

Really loved a post? You can admire the posts by giving a rating out of five stars.


Publish Your Own Custom Feeds

Keep your whole team in-the-know by joining groups and adding your friends of same interest and discussing what the latest trend is. If any of your hobbies or interests is not listed then you can request to see if your suggestion will be approved in order for a new group to be created.


Jack Johnson

Love the concept of being able to create groups with members of the same interest, striving to learn more!

Simon Holdsworth

Being able to keep an up to date record of my childs development and progress is something unique.

Claire Holie

Having features on their such as publish your own custom feed and sending requrests for new categories is wonderful.



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AdmireIt has been designed as a user-friendly application and as they say simplicity is the best. We believe in sharing ideas and knowledge. Many people gathered in a room in a way of communication but what is more better than experiencing the same from the comfort of your home or devices. AdmireIt, do what you love.

Watch the video to find out more on how simple and easy the mobile application really is to use.